Adem DjemilHey, and welcome to the obligatory ‘about me’ page where I have to think about what I really want to share with you.

I work at Christ Church Students’ Union in Canterbury with a focus on both digital and print communications, mostly targeted towards students. That means websites, social media, design, experiential marketing, techieness and lots of other things too.

The great thing about students’ unions (SU) is that most are quite happy to share ideas and best practice with each other to ensure students’ get the best experience irrespective of where they are studying. If I can help out and write and share on this website then I’ll simply be doing what lots of other people do.

Of course at lot of what I talk about isn’t just for the higher education sector and can be applied to whatever industry you’re working in.

As well as marketing and communications I’m also a bit of a Garden Geek, so you can find me talking about pizza ovens, my chickens, gardening and woodworking over on my other blog.

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