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How To Remove Background Noise In Adobe Premiere

If you’re using real people in your videos then generally you only get one take, so it’s pretty frustrating when you get back to your PC to watch the clip and find that the audio is being obscured by background noise.

You’re then usually left with two choices. Don’t use the clip or make do and just put it out there, none of which are what you really want. But there is an easy solution.  Continue reading

Royalty free music for your Facebook Videos

Facebook Video Photo

In the good ol’ wild west days of the internet it was a complete free-for-all with regards to copyright but the Facebook sheriff is in town and you now have to be careful with the music and audio you use on your Facebook videos.

If it’s got copyrighted content then you’re likely to be greeted with a copyright infringement message and your video will not be uploaded.

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