Not using Google Analytics Dashboards? You’re missing out!

If you’re not using analytics and tracking on your website then you’re missing out, but sometimes there are simply too many options and too many hidden functions to get to get your head around.

Most of the time there are just some basic analytics you need access to such as visits, page views etc, so I’ve created a simple Google Analytics Dashboard for you to use which displays all this information on one page.

Below is a screengrab of some of the info you can expect.

What is a Google Analytics Dashboard?

You can read about Dashboards on the Google Support site, but basically a dashboard is a collection of custom widgets which show different reports and metrics.

Install my simple Dashboard

  1. Login to your Google Analytics account.
  2. Paste this url into your browser
  3. This will bring up a dialogue box allowing you to choose which which analytics profile you want to assign the dashboard to.
  4. Choose the profile and click ‘create’.
  5. Boom. All done. You will be able to view your handy analytics dashboard under Customisation > Dashboards > Easy Website Analytics
  6. If you have more than one profile then you should just repeat the steps and select a different profile on Step 3.

Automatically email reports to you and colleagues.

This is the best bit. You can set it up for Google Analytics to automatically email you (and others) a pdf of the dashboard report! I have it set to email myself on a weekly basis and certain colleagues on a monthly basis. This is a great way to share simple information without having to give direct access to your account, or risk people getting confused by all the options.

  1. Go the dashboard and click the ’email’ button.
  2. This will bring up this dialogue box where you can select who you want to get the email, the frequency, and also an accompanying message.
  3. Click send to complete.
  4. By default, recurring emails will be sent for 6 months. The Advanced Options let you adjust this from 1 month to 1 year. After this period expires, you’ll need to set up the recurring email schedule again.

Feel free to customise

Now you have this dashboard you are free to customise it as you want and add any other widgets that you find useful. There are also lots of other dashboards out there depending on your business needs so enjoy getting the most out of Google Analytics.

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