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In the good ol’ wild west days of the internet it was a complete free-for-all with regards to copyright but the Facebook sheriff is in town and you now have to be careful with the music and audio you use on your Facebook videos.

If it’s got copyrighted content then you’re likely to be greeted with a copyright infringement message and your video will not be uploaded.

Yes there are some ways to get around this and use your favourite pop song such as changing the tempo or uploading to YouTube and then sharing the link on Facebook but there are a couple of reasons not to do this.

  1. Changing the tempo may work….sometimes….. and even if you get it sounding okay then there’s no guarantee that it will slip by the audio detection software on facebook. If it fails then you’ll have to go through the process of editing your video again with new audio and uploading again so why go through all that hassle?
  2. Facebook doesn’t like Youtube. It wants you to upload content directly to the site so that viewers don’t click away. Yes, you can still play the video in the post, but I’ve found that engagement on a post with a YouTube link is generally poor.

Why appease Facebook?

Facebook is one of the biggest referrers to our students’ union website (where I work), and whatever your views on the social media giant you now have to play by ‘the rules’ to get your content to appear on your fans feeds.

VHS gifIt’s frustrating how often their algorithms change and how their focus is continually gearing towards paid/boosted posts as the only way to get the reach you want, but people are still using Facebook and we have to do what we can to ensure our engaging content is seen.

It used to be that all content was equal but now the buzzwords are ‘rich media’ and more specifically videos so you want to be creating videos if you want your ‘brand’ to be seen, shared, and liked.

There are more than 1,000 factors that go into determining what content gets pushed to the top of a person’s news feed. Nobody (except Facebook) knows exactly what these factors are, but it’s becoming more apparent that video is taking a priority over other forms of content, like photos or text-only posts. – ShopTab

Whilst vlogs and mobile video won’t need an audio soundtrack there are instances where you will need it, and so here’s where I share what I use as alternatives to commercial music tracks.


Royalty free doesn’t always mean that the tracks will be free to purchase but for as little as $1 you will get the rights to use the music on your videos. I know that sounds like a sales pitch but is the preferred service I use at work as I know where the songs are coming from and that the creators are getting paid.

Here’s an example of music I purchased on the site which is called ‘Give Our Dreams Their Wings To Fly‘ and used in an elections promo video.

You will have noticed that the pricing is in US dollars and VAT will be added to your final purchase but I have a little tip for you. Change your billing address to a fake US one and save yourself some pennies! Whether you do this or not is up to you and depends on how flexible your moral compass is.


If you like your music free then this is a great option. You can get it all for free and all you need to do is give attribution under the Creative Commons licence. The tracks on this site are actually very good and really fit in with the students’ union type videos that we generally produce.

Bensound Screengrab


If you’re looking for a completely free option then ccMixter could help you out. It’s really a site for producers and DJs to create tracks and the interface isn’t that great and it takes a lot longer to find the perfect track, but it is free. Again the audio is licensed under Creative Commons and you will need to give credit to the original artist.

Free Music Archive

Again, completely free music, and whilst it may be harder to find exactly what you’re looking for, you can still find some gems here.

Any other suggestions?

These are websites I’m personally using but if you have any other suggestions then please comment below and I’ll add them to this post. The aim of this blog is all about sharing best practice and helping each other so I’m hoping that these can help you out when make your facebook videos.

One thought on “Royalty free music for your Facebook Videos”

  1. Hi Adem! I’m a music composer and make music for commercial videos. Here are two more music libraries you might consider adding to your list:

    1) – focuses on music for promotional / business / training video, most licenses are under $20.

    2) – subscription site with unlimited royalty free music downloads for members. This can be a good alternative if you produce lots of videos and need music on the regular basis. The license covers both personal and commercial use. Here’s a quick video that highlights some of the music offered at tunepocket:

    Hope that helps.

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