I started the Zombie Apocalypse

Well that’s an intriguing title for a blog post right? Okay, I didn’t start it but I made a news broadcast reporting on it.

This Halloween I was hosting a zombie apocalypse themed party at my house and wanted to add some unique elements which took the form of a news report which would repeat throughout the night on my TV. I was hoping I would get what I wanted from YouTube but the majority were either pretty dated, in poor resolution, or focused around the US.

I wanted an HD, up-to-date broadcast which had a UK theme to it. We all know the zombie apocalypse will start in America, but the BBC would still be reporting on it right?


I made my own

Using Adobe Premier I got to work.

I decided to have BBC World News as the news channel so that anyone else finding my clip online would still be able to use it even if they were international. Having a look at some screengrabs of the channel I was able to mock up something pretty close to BBC News.

I used a film clip from Diary of the Dead. Obviously this could have some ramifications but as it’s non-commerical and hosted on YouTube, any copyright issue claim will result in it getting pulled, but I believe that it’s fulfills the fair use parody clause so I’m all good with it.

For the second clip I put a voice overlay created with this website which has a British accent option.

The end product

Well what do you think? I borrowed two sections from the film and I think they worked out okay. Hope you enjoy.

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